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Welcome About Hubbard Brook
Ecosystem Study
The HBES pioneered the small watershed study technique, and has produced longterm data on hydrology, biology, geology and chemistry of the forest and aquatic ecosystems. Read more…
  Hubbard Brook WebCams HB Virtual Visit
lter watershed  
Our Webcams are located throughout the Hubbard Brook valley, providing views of stream gages, the forest canopy, and long range views.
  Research HighlightsIce Storm Experiment
ice storm  
Scientists study Ice storms, which are important but poorly understood natural disturbances in north temperate forest ecosystems. Read more...

  LTER Schoolyard BookSeeking the Wolf Tree
lter watershed  
Seeking the Wolf Tree is a story for upper elementary students about an adventure two students take through the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest Read more…