Art-Science Program

Artist Nikki Lindt at Hubbard Brook
Photo: Joe Klementovich

Hubbard Book’s burgeoning Art-Science program provides an opportunity for artists and scientists to come together in authentic working relationships to better understand northern forest ecosystems and to share that knowledge with a broad audience.

The program is built on the premise that human societies in the 21st century are facing increasingly complex and inter-related social and ecological problems, like climate change, that require interdisciplinary cooperation.

The Hubbard Brook Art-Science program brings artists and scientists together to:

  1. Interpret and translate science on northern forest ecosystems for a broader audience.
  2. Understand pattern and process in increasingly large and complex scientific datasets.
  3. Foster new discoveries.

We offer in person residency programs in support of creative collaborations, with housing provided at Hubbard Brook’s Mirror Lake campus. We encourage projects that forge authentic connections between art and science and encourage long-term, place-based relationships between the artist and Hubbard Brook.

For more information about the Hubbard Brook Art-Science program, contact Lindsey Rustad:




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