Scott Ollinger

University of New Hampshire
Earth Systems Research Center, and Natural Resources and the Envronment
8 College Road
Durham, NH, 03824
603 862 1792
Hubbard Brook Role: 
Research Interests: 

Scott Ollinger conducts research on carbon and nitrogen cycling in forests with emphasis on basic ecological processes and interactions with human-induced environmental stressors. Specific research activities include projects that involve spatial and temporal patterns of forest biogeochemistry; forest-climate feedbacks; modeling the effects of air pollution, rising CO2, disturbance history and climate change on ecosystem processes; and scaling local measurements to regional and continental scales. Ollinger is Principal Investigator on several projects that are part of the North American Carbon Program. He is a co-invetigator with both the Hubbard Brook and Harvard Forest LTER projects where his primary roles have involved regionalization. He serves or has served on a variety of editorial boards and science advisory panels and has participated in two of the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation's Science Links Projects.

Hubbard Brook Publications by this Author

Ollinger, Scott V. 2003. Forest Ecosystems. In Encyclopedia of Life Sciences [], Encyclopedia of Life Sciences [], London: Nature Publishing Group.