Michael Hallworth

Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
Migratory Bird Center
National Zoological Park MRC 5503
Washington, DC 200013-7012
Hubbard Brook Role: 
Post-doctoral Researcher
Scott Sillett & Peter Marra
Research Interests: 

In my research I integrate field observations, sophisticated tracking technology, advanced statistical modeling and isotope ecology to address components of the following question, how does movement and behavior shape individual, population and community ecology? Identifying how different phases of the annual cycle interact to shape individual-, population- and community dynamics, is needed to understand how they respond to global change. Revealing the mechanisms underlying wildlife responses to a changing environment requires identifying when and where populations are limited and where they face the greatest threats.  I use multi-faceted approaches to identify where migratory individuals and populations are throughout the year to determine how conditions experienced during the annual cycle influence life-history and demography.

Hubbard Brook Publications by this Author