Christopher Barton

Wright State University
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Wright State University
Dayton, OH 45435
Hubbard Brook Role: 
Research Interests: 

Mathematical analysis of temporal and spatial complexity of geologic, hydrologic, and biological systems. Bedrock geologic mapping, bedrock fracture characterization, 3-D modeling of bedrock fracture networks, discrete fracture network flow modeling. Fractal analysis of stream discharge, temporal chemical concentrations in precipitation and streams.

Hubbard Brook Publications by this Author

Haeni, F. P, J. W Lane, Christopher C Barton, and D. A Lieblich. 1996. Fracture Detection In Crystalline Rocks, Mirror Lake Area, Grafton County, New Hampshire eds. D. W Morganwalp and Aronson, D. A. U.S. Geological Survey Toxic Substances Hydrology Program -- Proc. of the Tech. Meeting, Sept. 1993: 95-102.
Hsieh, P. A, A. M Shapiro, Christopher C Barton, F. P Haeni, C. D Johnson, C. W Martin, F. L Paillet, T. C Winter, and D. L Wright. 1993. Methods Of Characterizing Fluid Movement And Chemical Transport In Fractured Rock. In Field Trip Guidebook for Northeastern United States, Vol. 2., Field Trip Guidebook for Northeastern United States, Vol. 2., eds. J. T Chaney and Hepburn, J. C. Geological Society of America.