Hubbard Brook Storytelling

Hubbard Brook hosts two performances by and for the community each summer in conjunction with the Annual Cooperators' Meeting:

The Moss Storytelling Hour, and

The Hubbard Brook Community Showcase.

Read more about each event, and see recordings of previous shows, in the sections below. 

The Hubbard Brook Research Foundation sat down with Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study cofounder Dr. Gene E. Likens in 2020 for a conversation about his life and career. We released the interview  in three parts during February 2021. Explore the interview and transcripts in the section below.

A Conversation with Gene E. Likens

The Moss

The Moss is a live storytelling event that features true, personal stories about science told by members of the Hubbard Brook community. Each year's stories have a unifying theme. 

2021: "Friends Like These: Stories of Strong Bonds and Unlikely Love Affairs"
Click here to watch a full recording of the event.

Hosted by:
Anthea Lavallee

True stories told by:
Nick LoRusso
Mike Hallworth
Emily Bernhardt
Daouda Njie
Rebecca & Christine Bormann

From left to right: Daoda Njie; Emily Bernhardt; and Christine and Rebecca Bormann during the 2021 Moss.

2020: "It Was An Accident!"
Click on the names below to watch a recording of the story.

Hosted by:
Clara Chaisson

True stories told by:
Lindsey Rustad
Matt Ayres
Jenny Bower
Nalini Nadkarni

From left to right: Matt Ayres; Jenny Bower; and Nalini Nadkarni during the 2020 Moss

2019: "Unexpected Encounters"
Click on the names below to hear a recording of the story.

Hosted by:
Clara Chaisson
Anthea Lavallee

True stories told by:
Sydney Pierce
Ian Halm
Ashley Lang
Amey Bailey
Peter Groffman
Lynn Christenson
Gene Likens

From left to right: Sydney Pierce; Lynn Christenson; and Gene Likens during the 2019 Moss.

Hubbard Brook Community Showcase

The Hubbard Brook Community Showcase is a homegrown talent show that provides a fun opportunity to see colleagues in a new light. The first ever Showcase, held in 2021, featured scientific illustration, musical performances, a fly tying lesson, a chainsaw demonstration, and more!

Click here to watch the full recording.

Hosted by:
Anthea Lavallee
Maribeth Rubenstein

Performances by:
Raisa Kochmaruk
Jenny Bower
Peter Groffman
Ian Halm
Dan Clark
Amey Bailey and Teddy Southard
Lindsey Forg

From left to right: Raisa Kockmaruk; Peter Groffman; and Dan Clark during the 2021 Showcase.