Watershed 6 Zonation Maps

Elevation zones (or "sub-areas")

For the purposes of many studies, the watershed was long ago divided into the following arbitrary elevation zones of roughly equal area:

      •  Upper = plots 1 - 86
      •  Middle = plots 87 - 158
      •  Lower = plots 159 - 208

(See Watershed 6 grid map for plot numbers)


Vegetation zones

Forest community type for each plot can be divided into the following vegetation zones:

  • 1. The spruce/fir-dominated forest on the ridge;
  • 2. The "high hardwoods"--this hardwood forest is at the same general elevation as the spruce/fir but is dominated by beech, birch and maple;
  • 3. The central area of the watershed, mostly dominated by sugar maple and beech;
  • 4. The lower portion of the watershed on which the hardwood mix is more equitable among the three major species.

Although vegetation zones are a somewhat more realistic division of the watershed, we are left with the legacy of division by the elevation zones outlined above. Depending on the particular study, either one of these zonations might be used. For purposes of comparison:

  • 1 and 2 are roughly equivalent to "upper"
  • 3 is roughly equivalent to "middle"
  • 4 is roughly equivalent to "lower"

(See Watershed 6 grid map for plot numbers)