Watershed 101

Area: 12.1 haWS101map.png
Aspect: SE
Elevation: 470-595 m
Gage type: None
Initial year: 1970

Objective: To study the effect of block clearcutting on watershed hydrology and nutrient flux and cycling.


  • Commercially logged as a stem-only, block clearcut in November 1970.
  • Branches and tops were left on site.

Resulting Observations:

  • Simulated streamflow increased 36 percent the first year after cutting and declined steadily until it returned to precutting levels by year six.
  • Streamwater ion concentrations increased from 295 ueq/L to 593 ueq/L two years after the harvest before returning to precutting levels by year three.

Continued research/treatment: Monitor changes in water yield and stream chemistry.

Comments: Watershed 101 has no streamgage, so streamflow was estimated using the hydrologic model Brook2.