On July 9, 2019, Hubbard Brook hosted its first ever live storytelling event: The Moss. Nine Hubbard Brook community members shared personal stories on the theme of "Unexpected Encounters."




Listen to each of the stories by clicking the links below:

  • Peter Martin, outgoing chair of the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation's Board Of Trustees, finds Hubbard Brook hundreds of miles from home
  • Charley Driscoll, chair of the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation and environmental engineer at Syracuse University, learns a lesson from a giant in the field
  • Introduction
  • Sydney Pierce, daughter of Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study co-founder Robert Pierce, recalls childhood summers at Hubbard Brook
  • Ian Halm, Hubbard Brook's site manager, has a run-in with a moose
  • Ashley Lang, a graduate student in the Ecology, Evolution, Environment and Society program at Darmouth, gets more than she bargained for
  • Amey Bailey, USDA Forest Service forestry technician, reminisces about playing tennis with Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study co-founder Herb Bormann
  • Audience submissions
  • Peter Groffman, a microbial ecologist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, finds 
  • Lynn Christenson, a biologist at Vassar College, spends a snowy day deep in the woods
  • Gene Likens, co-founder of the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study, on Mirror Lake's connection to the center of the Earth