Rouzbeh Berton

Syracuse University
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
151 Link Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244
Hubbard Brook Role: 
Graduate Student, Ph.D.
Charles T. Driscoll
Research Interests: 

My primary research interest is to manage water resources in watersheds that suffer from changing climate and anthropogenic disturbances such as river regulation and urban development. My PhD research has been focused on studying the confounding effects of changing climate, river regulation, and land development on hydrologic response differentiated by the watershed’s physical attributes. The knowledge obtained by studying the possible drivers of discharge variations allows the enhancement of current and future water supply reliability. In addition, it helps reduce financial losses due to increases in flood risk in non-stationary climate. Consequently, I envision my future research expanding into the following areas: The assessment of flood risk in coastal regions; the impacts of land use/cover change on hydrologic response; the engineering resilience of hydraulic structures; and the effects of changing climate on water quality.

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