Organo-mineral interactions and soil carbon mineralizability with variable saturation cycle frequency

TitleOrgano-mineral interactions and soil carbon mineralizability with variable saturation cycle frequency
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsPossinger, AR, Bailey, SW, Inagaki, TM, Kögel-Knabner, I, Dynes, JJ, Arthur, ZA, Lehmann, J
Date Published2020/10/01/
ISBN Number0016-7061
KeywordsOrgano-mineral, Redox-SOC dynamics, Saturation cycle frequency, soil organic carbon, Transient water table

The response of mineral-stabilized soil organic carbon (SOC) to environmental change is a source of uncertainty in the understanding of SOC cycling. Fluctuating wet-dry cycles and associated redox changes in otherwise well-drained soils may drive mineral dissolution, organic carbon (OC) mobilization, and subsequent OC mineralization. However, the extent to which rapid fluctuations between water-saturated and unsaturated conditions (i.e., flashy conditions) result in long-term changes in mineral composition and organo-mineral interactions is not well understood. In this study, the effect of variable saturation frequency on soil mineral composition, mineral-associated OC, and OC mineralizability was tested using selective dissolution, bulk spectroscopy, microscale imaging, and aerobic-anaerobic incubation experiments. Previous water table fluctuation measurements and diagnostic profile characteristics at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest (NH) were used to identify soils with high, medium, and low saturation frequency regimes (defined by historical water table cycling frequency; i.e., water table presence and recession in the upper B horizon). We found the amount of OC released during extractions targeting non-crystalline minerals was of similar magnitude as extracted iron (Fe) in lower saturation frequency soils. However, the magnitude of extracted OC was 2.5 times greater than Fe but more similar to extractable aluminum (Al) in higher saturation frequency soils. Bulk soil Fe was spatially more strongly correlated to soil organic matter (SOM) in lower saturation frequency soils (Spearman Rank rs = 0.62, p 



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