The following species list has been updated (May 2013 RT Holmes; Jan 2021 G Winant) from Holmes, R. T. and G. E. Likens. 1999. Organisms of the Hubbard Brook Valley, New Hampshire. USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Research Station, General Tech. Report NE-257. 32 pp.

  Order   Family   Scientific_name Common_name Notes


Esocidae Esox niger Chain Pickerel Mirror Lake. Formerly numerous (D. Buso) In 2018, small but "healthy" population, averaging 33 cm inlength ( maximum = 54 cm) (G. Winant).
Siluriformes Ictaluridae Ameiurus nebulosus Brown Bullhead ("Horn Pout") Mirror Lake. Small population of individuals averaging 23 cm in length (max = 29.5 cm) in 2018 (G. Winant). Nocturnal, young occasionally in outlet pool.
Perciformes Percidae Perca flavescens Yellow Perch Mirror Lake. Likely most abundant fish in Mirror Lake in 2018, with average length of 15 cm (G. Winant)
Cypriniformes Catostomidae Catostomus commersonii Common White Sucker Mirror Lake and lower Hubbard Brook mainstem. Common but not often seen. In 2018, individuals in lake ranged in length from 16 to 52.5 cm, averaging 39 cm (G. Winant). Spawn at public beach.
Perciformes Centrarchidae Micropterus dolomieu Smallmouth Bass Mirror Lake. Apparently first introduced in 1940s-1950s (D.C. Helfman). Common in 1970s to 2000s, but few captured or observed in 2018 (G. Winant).
Perciformes Centrarchidae Lepomis gibbosus Pumpkinseed Sunfish Mirror Lake. Intrroduced circa 2009. Spawning groups common along shores in early 2010s (D. Buso). In 2018, commonly found in littoral zone, most were 1-2 yrs old and averaged 12 cm in length (G. Winant).
Perciformes Centrarchidae Leponis auritus Redbreast Sunfish Mirror Lake. First reported in 2018, when small numbers were found in shallow water near shore (G. Winant)
Scorpaeniformes Cottidae Cottus cognatus Slimy Sculpin Lower Hubbard Brook mainstem, mostly (only?) below gorge and in lower tributaries, such as Norris Brook. Not in Mirror Lake.
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Rhinichthys atratulus Black-nosed Dace Lower Hubbard Brook mainstem. Common.
Salmoniformes Salmonidae Salmo salar Atlantic Salmon Lower Hubbard Brook mainstem. Status uncertain.
Salmoniformes Salmonidae Salvelinus fontinalis Brook Trout Mirror Lake, Hubbard Brook mainstem, many tributaries. Native to NH, but stocked in Pemigewasset River and Mirror Lake since 1990s; observed spawning in Mirror Lake, but no evidence of successful reproduction. Populations in upper Hubbard Brook valley may be native or introgressed with genes from stocked fish, although this has not yet been studied (D. Warren, D. Timmens).
Salmoniformes Salmonidae Salmo trutta Brown Trout Mirror Lake. Stocked in the Pemigewasset River (and lower Hubbard Brook) since 1990s.
Salmoniformes Salmonidae Oncorhynchus mykiss Rainbow Trout Stocked in Pemigewasset River (lower Hubbard Brook) and Mirror Lake since 1990s. In Mirror Lake inlet streams during high flows.

(source: G.E. Likens, D. Buso, D. Warren, K. Nislow, J. Davenport)