A Biodiversity Research Agenda

June 10, 2016
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park
Woodstock, VT

Setting a Biodiversity Research Agenda for Vermont with Stakeholder and Scientist Input

  • Share information among ecosystem scientists, agency and NGO leaders, and stakeholders, all of whom care deeply about the nexus of science and policy as it pertains to biodiversity conservation.
  • What are the most significan threats to biodiversity and what information is needed to develop appropriate responses?
  • For ecosystem scientists, what research should they pursue if they want to make an impact on conservation in Vermont?
  • For policymakers and land managers, what issues should they be thinking about in order to deal proactively with future threats?
  • For conservation philanthropists and financers, in what areas of science and policy should they invest for maxiumum impact?
  • What tools, structures, or mechanisms can be built to continue a fruitful dialogue about biodiversity conservation in the future?


  • Vermont Center for Ecostudies and Hubbard Brook Research Foundation report