Hubbard Brook Research Featured on New Hampshire Public Radio

Dartmouth biologist Matt Ayres sets up a sound recorder at Hubbard Brook. Photo: Eli Burakian, Dartmouth College

The ecological field work season is just one of countless customs that have been thrown into disarray by the pandemic. But necessity is the mother of invention, and Hubbard Brook researchers have found new and creative ways to maintain the site's invaluable datasets while prioritizing safety.

New Hampshire Public Radio reporter Annie Ropeik joined Dartmouth biologist Matt Ayres in the field last fall as he programmed sound recorders in the forest. Come spring, the recorders will turn on automatically to passively monitor migratory birds as they return from their wintering grounds—a technological innovation to complement the 51 years of bird research at Hubbard Brook.

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Pandemic Sparks Innovation At N.H.’s Influential Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest