Hubbard Brook Monthly - October 2019

HUBBARD BROOK MONTHLY October 2019 issue

Recent Publications

The LTER Decadal Review Self Study, as discussed at the October Committee of Scientists meeting, is available here:

Jevon, FV, AW D’Amato, CW Woodall, K Evans, MP Ayres, JH Matthes. 2019. Tree basal area and conifer abundance predict soil carbon stocks and concentrations in an actively managed forest of northern New Hampshire, USA. Forest Ecology and Management.

Mech, AM, KA Thomas, TD Marsico, DA Herms, CR Allen, MP Ayres, KJK Gandhi, J Gurevitch, NP Havill, RA Hufbauer, AM Liebhold, KF Raffa, AN Schulz, DR Uden, PC Tobin. 2019. Evolutionary history predicts high‐impact invasions by herbivorous insects. Ecology and Evolution.

Wason, JW, CM Beier, JJ Battles, M Dovciak. 2019. Acidic Deposition and Climate Warming as Drivers of Tree Growth in High-Elevation Spruce-Fir Forests of the Northeastern US. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change.

Yang, Y, L Meng, RD Yanai, M Montesdeoca, PH Templer, H Asbjornsen, LE Rustad, CT Driscoll. 2019. Climate change may alter mercury fluxes in northern hardwood forests. Biogeochemistry.

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Hubbard Brook in the News

Bittersweet: How climate change is affecting the sugar maples of New England
American Forests Magazine

Outreach and Education Update

On October 3, Sarah Garlick—along with John Besley, Kathy Fallon Lambert, and Marissa Weiss—led a Peer Review meeting in Detroit for the Public Engagement with Science at LTER Sites project.

In October, Anthea Lavallee worked with HB researchers and staff on a customized fact sheet for U.S. Congresswoman Ann Kuster (NH-02). The congresswoman requested this in preparation for rolling out a clean energy/climate initiative. Thanks to submissions and editorial suggestions from HB researchers and staff and using much of the material from the 2017 fact sheet, we were able to turn this around in fewer than 4 days. If you would like a copy of the fact sheet, please email Anthea:

On October 21, Sara Kaiser led a Cornell Monday Night Seminar titled A Walk in the Woods: A Half-Century of Bird Discoveries at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest. The event was also live-streamed.

Lindsay Rustad attended the IF/THEN Summit in Dallas on October 21 – 23. Lindsey is among 125 female STEM leaders who have been selected as American Association of Science IF/THEN Ambassadors.

On November 1, Andy Reinman is giving a talk titled Seeing the Forest for the Snow: Connecting the Ecological Impacts of Climate Change Across Seasons” at the 6th Annual Anglers Symposium hosted by the Rondout Neversink Stream Program in the Catskills. Much of the talk will leverage data from Hubbard Brook.

Save the Date

The next Committee of Scientists meeting is scheduled to take place on January 7-8, 2020, at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, NY. The meeting will focus on two topics: "Valley-wide landscape ecology, modeling, and GIS," co-led by Natalie Cleavitt, Nick Rodenhouse, and Nina Lany, and "Exploration of causes for the 2013 nitrate spike in the stream record," co-led by John Campbell and Mark Green.

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