Hubbard Brook Monthly - May 2020

June 8, 2020
Recent Publications
Thom, D and WS Keeton. 2020. Disturbance-based silviculture for habitat diversification: Effects on forest structure, dynamics, and carbon storage. Forest Ecology and Management.
Yanai, RD, Y Yang, AD Wild, KT Smith, and CT Driscoll. 2020. New Approaches to Understand Mercury in Trees: Radial and Longitudinal Patterns of Mercury in Tree Rings and Genetic Control of Mercury in Maple Sap. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution. 
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Hubbard Brook Researchers in the News
They did research for decades. Then COVID-19 hit.
With Ships Docked And Labs Closed, Scientists' Field Research Season Fades Away
Birds Connect Our World
Amid the pandemic, people are paying more attention to tweets. And not the Twitter kind.
Outreach and Education Update
Sarah Thorne coordinated two Zoom outreach events with the Terrestrial Ecology class at the Cambridge School of Weston in Massachusetts:
  • Gary Lovett spoke to the class about forest pests
  • Sara Kaiser spoke to the class about the long-term bird research at Hubbard Brook. Their teacher used the Birds of Hubbard Brook Data Nugget in preparation.
Anthea Lavallee gave a general Hubbard Brook orientation to the Hartford Chamber of Commerce on May 19.
This summer, HBRF will convene an NSCR External Stakeholder Advisory Committee. This committee will identify the overall topics and research needs that will inform the RFP.
On Tuesday, June 25 at 12pm, Pam Templer will be participating in a live Twitter chat about warming forests with the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (@BulletinAtomic)
The LTER Executive Board's message in response to recent events is available here:
Registration for the virtual Annual Cooperators' Meeting is now open. The deadline to register to present is June 8, 2020. Registration will still be available for non-presenters after that date.
Hubbard Brook is hosting its second annual science storytelling event, The Moss, on July 7 at 5pm. This year's theme is "It was an accident!" If you're interested in telling a story, it's not too late! Get in touch with Anthea Lavallee and Clara Chaisson:
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