Hubbard Brook Monthly March 2018

Recent Publications (March 2018)
Sullivan, Timothy J., Charles T. Driscoll, Colin M. Beier, Dallas Burtraw, Ivan D. Fernandez, James N. Galloway, David A. Gay, Christine L. Goodale, Gene E. Likens, Gary M. Lovett, and Shaun A. Watmough. 2018. Air pollution success stories in the United States: The value of long-term observations. Environmental Science & Policy 84: 69-73.
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Hubbard Brook in the News 
  • Atlas Obscura: The Experimental Forest Where Scientists First Recognized Acid Rain
  • Mother Jones: Meet a 63-Year-Old, 7-800, Living Laboratory
  • Concord Monitor: Study: N.H. sugar maples have a very hard time returning after a clear-cut
  • The Laconia Daily Sun: PSU Conference: Climate Change is Affecting Maple Syrup Production 
Outreach and Education Update
Proposed Research
Proposal Title: 
Ash-Soil-Heterotrophs (ASH) project: Examining the Cascading Effects of the Loss of a Keystone Species, Fraxinus americana
Matthew Ayres, Dartmouth University 
Liz Studer, Dartmouth College 
Ashley Lang, Dartmouth College 
Proposal Title: 
Radionuclides as Tracers of Erosion Timescale in Intermittent Stream Sediments 
Savannah Bailey, The College of William and Mary 
James Kaste, The College of William and Mary 
Proposal Title: 
Exclosures to protect orchid spikes from floriviry by white-tailed deer 
Nat Cleavitt, Cornell University 
Proposal Title: 
Terrestrial Denitrification and Environmental Change 
Christine Goodale, Cornell University
Peter Groffman, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies 
Jennifer Morse, Portland State University

Linda Pardo, USFS
Cindy Nevison, University of Colorado-Boulder 
Proposal Title: 
Population assessment of terrestrial salamanders within an experimental forest 
Evan Grant, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Jill Fleming
Adrianne Brand
Arianna Wills
Proposal Title: 
Dynamic forest-stream interactions: acceleration of linkages conferring late-successional stream functions and flood resistance 
William Keeton, University of Vermont 
Dana Warren, Oregon State University

Scott Bailey, USFS
Peter Groffman, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Sciences

Dominik Thom, University of Vermont 
Proposal Title: 
Deciphering soil respiration sources and the importance of fluctuating redox conditions using apparent respiration quotients 
Caitlin Pries, Dartmouth College
Proposal Title: 
Tracing the fate of decomposing litter as it becomes soil organic matter in northeastern forests 
Caitlin Pries, Dartmouth College
Proposal Title: 
Quantifying tree-height and canopy position effects on stable carbon isotope ratios of wood 
Matthew Vadeboncoeur, University of New Hampshire 
Proposal Title: 
Quantifying distributions and abundance of fish in HBEF streams 
Dana Warren, Oregon State University
Winsor Lowe, Montana State University 
Emily Bernhardt. Duke University
Emma Rosi, Cary Institute
Gene Likens, Cary Institute 
Clifford Kraft, Cornell University
Denise Burchsted, Keene State College
Kerry Yurewicz, Plymouth State University
Ben Letcher, USGS
Keith Nislow, USFS
John Magee, NH Fish and Game
Save the Date 
  • Gene Likens was awarded an honorary doctorate from Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden, in January to “celebrate his outstanding contributions to research in ecology and biogeochemistry.”
  • Emily Bernhardt was named an Ecological Society of America Fellow on March 1. She is one of 28 ESA members honored for their contributions to advancing ecological knowledge in academics, government, non-profit organizations and the broader society.
  • The Hubbard Brook website has a new subdomain for multimedia stories. Read the latest, "Data Collection Doesn’t Break for Winter: A Photo Essay," here: The subdomain will soon be accessible from the homepage; watch this space for more content in the coming months.
  • We are in the process of updating the dataset workflow to include the Environmental Data Initiative 'EMLassemblyline in R' package. We hope to release a number of new datasets by the next monthly newsletter—stay tuned! Hubbard Brook is an early adopter of this new software, and we hope that this will streamline the data submission workflow from data creators, information management, and on to NSF and publisher recognized data repositories. Contact with new Hubbard Brook data, and to make updates to existing datasets.

New and Revised Datasets

Cleavitt N. 2018. Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest: Orchid Demography. Environmental Data Initiative. 

Driscoll C. 2018. Chemistry of freely-draining soil solutions at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, Watershed 1, 1996 - present.. Environmental Data Initiative. 
Driscoll C. 2018. Chemistry of freely-draining soil solutions at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, Watershed 6, 1982 - present. Environmental Data Initiative.