Hubbard Brook Monthly - July 2020


Recent Publications

Campbell, JL, LE Rustad, CT Driscoll, I Halm, TJ Fahey, H Fakhraei, PM Groffman, GJ Hawley, W Leuenberger, PG Schaberg. 2020. Simulating Impacts of Ice Storms on Forest Ecosystems. Journal of Visualized Experiments.

See, CR, MB Green, RD Yanai, AS Bailey, JL Campbell, J Hayward. 2020. Quantifying uncertainty in annual runoff due to missing data. PeerJ

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Hubbard Brook Researchers in the News

By Degrees: How Air Pollution and Climate Change Connect

By Degrees: How Forests Can Improve Health And Slow Climate Change

In case you missed it: Twitter Chat Q&A transcript on climate change, warmer forests
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Kuster hosts virtual climate change roundtable with Hubbard Brook scientists, leaders
Nashua Telegraph

New and Revised Datasets

New additions to the Hubbard Brook Data Catalog can be found at the links below. A new feature in the Environmental Data Repository (EDI), is our ability to now associate publications with datasets. See Cleavitt et al below for an example – scroll to the bottom of the dataset landing page to view the associated publications. Please keep this in mind as you prepare data for submission to EDI, and I'll be happy to add these citations to datasets you may already have online. When citing data in publications, please remember to use the form of citation that you see below. If you need to provide a link to a dataset (in publication/presentation/outreach), the links in the citations should be used (not the portal.lternet or portal.edirepository URLs).

Please contact to begin the process of preparing your Hubbard Brook data for submission to EDI. Note that the EDI repository is available for other ecological data outside of the scope of LTER; if you have data that falls in that category, Mary can provide tips and resources to jump-start that process.


Cleavitt, N., A. Clyne, and T. Fahey. 2020. Epiphytic lichen surveys on 12 valleywide plots in Hubbard Brook 2016 ver 1. Environmental Data Initiative.

Templer, P., J. Harrison, M. Blagden, M. Green, and G. Salvucci. 2020. Climate Change Across Seasons Experiment (CCASE) at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest: Branch Xylem Water Isotopic Composition ver 1. Environmental Data Initiative.

Templer, P., J. Harrison, M. Blagden, M. Green, and G. Salvucci. 2020. Climate Change Across Seasons Experiment (CCASE) at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest: Soil Water Isotopic Composition ver 1. Environmental Data Initiative.

Stewart, A.J., E.A. Kreitinger, P.M. Groffman, J.L. Morse, L.H. Pardo, L. Martell, and C.L. Goodale. 2020. Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest: Hourly soil oxygen, moisture and temperature across soil depths and an elevation gradient in the Bear Brook watershed; 2018-2019 ver 1. Environmental Data Initiative.

Outreach and Education Update

Lindsey Rustad was featured in the McAuliffe-Shephard Discovery Center's Featured Women in STEM Series:

IF/THEN launched its digital library of women STEM innovators, for educational and other noncommercial use, on July 20. The IF/THEN Collection has thousands of photos, videos, and other assets that authentically represent women in STEM fields and is the largest free resource of its kind. 
Click here to view the full collection:
Click here to view Lindsey Rustad's page:

IF/THEN is collaborating with GoldieBlox to produce Curiosity Camp, a boredom-busting virtual camp for girls ages 6-12. Curiosity Camp is designed to keep young minds engaged and entertained with activities, videos, and surprises focused on STEAM learning.
Background information:

Lindsey Rustad's Draw Her Life video for Curiosity Camp is available here:

On July 23, U.S. Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) attended a Hubbard Brook science briefing, featuring the work of Dr. Lindsey Rustad (Ice Storm Experiment), Dr. Alix Contosta (Winter Weather Whiplash), Dr. Charley Driscoll (Carbon Scenarios for Air Quality), and Tyler Edwards (Young Voice of Science: Hopes and Concerns for Our Social and Environmental Future). Congresswoman Kuster described how she applied what she learned at last summer's science briefing. While developing her clean Energy Agenda, she shared Hubbard Brook science with colleagues in D.C. and around the state during clean energy listening sessions. She also brought Hubbard Brook science to hearings of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and Energy Subcommittee. She was a strong supporter of the Great American Outdoors Act and is currently working on the Moving Forward Act, emphasizing clean energy investment for resilient climate infrastructure. Congresswoman Kuster indicated that she plans to continue to apply Hubbard Brook science in her work to attest to and address climate change. Thank you, HB panelists, for sharing your research so generously. These briefings are organized by the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation. 

On July 28, Lindsey Rustad was the Camp Night Speaker for the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast: STEM Role Models.

On July 29, Charley Driscoll participated in a panel discussion with the New Hampshire League of Conservation Voters following a virtual screening of the documentary, "Climate Change: The Facts," narrated by David Attenborough.

Hubbard Brook's new educational activity, Caterpillars Count is being piloted this summer by the Waterville Valley Recreation Dept. Summer Camp. The program is patterned after the annual caterpillar census conducted by the bird crews at HBEF. Thanks to Nick Rodenhouse and members of the bird crew for assisting with the development of the lesson, which was authored by Amey Bailey, Forest Technician at HBEF, and Sarah Thorne, Educator for HBRF.

Presentations by Hubbard Brook Researchers at ESA's 2020 Annual Meeting

Peter Groffman

  • Poster: "Nitrogen oligotrophication in northern hardwood forests" (#85117), Session PS 5: Biogeochemistry: C And N Cycling In Response To Global Change

Linda Pardo

  • Talk: "Explaining the unexpected: Predicting an extreme nitrate loss event from a forested catchment" (#84240), Session COS 75: Biogeochemistry: Atmospheric N Deposition Effects

Lindsey Rustad

  • Talk: "An analysis of long-term climate data across USDA Forest Service Experimental Forests and Ranges: Historical trends and new tools for the future" (#85954), Session OOS 22: Harnessing Experimental Forest and Range Data to Fuel Innovation and Support Resource Managers in the 21st Century, Discussion Session live at 1:00-1:30pm, Monday, August 3
  • INSPIRE Talk: "The WaterViz: A confluence of art, music and science in a real-time data fusion" (#82212), Session INS 1: Art and Science: Novel Collaborations to Propel Environmental Change Research, Discussion Session live at 3:30-4:00pm, August 6

Pam Templer

Yanai group (posters)

  • Gonzales, K.E., D.S. Hong, and R.D. Yanai. "Foliar N and P concentrations of six northern hardwood species in three age classes in a factorial N and P addition experiment in the White Mountains of New Hampshire" (#88791), Session LB 8: Biogeochemistry
  • Hong, D.S. and R.D. Yanai. "Soil nutrient availability affects growth and recruitment of saplings of six northern hardwood species" (#86907), Session PS 30: Climate Change: Plants 
  • Mann, T.A., S. Goswami, R.D. Yanai, and K. Bazany. "Nitrogen and phosphorus affect the density of sugar maple and American beech germinants" (#86510), Session PS 54: Communities: Succession
  • Yanai, R.D., K.E. Gonzales, D.S. Hong, M.C. Fisk, and T.J. Fahey. "Does foliar N:P predict nutrient limitation in six northern hardwood species?" (#84705), Session PS 37: Forest And Rangeland Management
  • Young, A.R., A.K. Schweiger, M.C. Fisk, and R.D. Yanai. "Detecting foliar nutrient status of northern hardwoods from the sky" (#86786), Session PS 49: Biogeochemistry: Experimental Climate Change Effects On Biogeo Processes


Ruth Yanai of SUNY-ESF's Department of Sustainable Resources Management was honored with the Barrington Moore Memorial Award for 2020 by the Society of American Foresters (SAF). The award recognizes outstanding achievement in biological research leading to the advancement of forestry. Congratulations, Ruth! Read more here: