Hubbard Brook Monthly - January 2019

HUBBARD BROOK MONTHLY January 2019 issue

Recent Publications

Cleavitt, NL, AB Clyne, TJ Fahey. 2019. Epiphytic macrolichen patterns along an elevation gradient in the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire. The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society

Fuss, CB, GM Lovett, CL Goodale, SV Ollinger, AK Lang, AP Ouimette. 2019. Retention of Nitrate-M in Mineral Soil Organic Matter in Different Forest Age Classes. Ecosystems.

Van Tatenhove, A, E Filiberti, TS Sillett, N Rodenhouse, M Hallworth. 2019. Climate-Related Distribution Shifts of Migratory Songbirds and Sciurids in the White Mountain National Forest. Forests.

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Hubbard Brook in the News


Outreach and Education Update

  • On January 30, Mark Green and Geoff Wilson participated in a Science Pub on "Warming Winters and Snowmaking" at Walter's Basin in Holderness, NH, sponsored by the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, Squam Lakes Conservation Society, and Squam Lakes Association.
  • Lindsey Rustad is giving a talk on "China, Climate Change, and Forests" at the Kennebunk Public Library on February 5 as part of the Camden Conference series:
  • The rescheduled Hubbard Brook roundtable on forest health, products, and exotic pests will take place on February 7.
  • Sarah Garlick, Kathy Fallon Lambert, and John Besley are heading to Washington, DC on February 11 to present the PES @ LTERs project at a PI meeting at NSF and at the AAAS annual meeting.



  • The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is hiring a Research Associate to manage the long-term avian monitoring program at Hubbard Brook. See the full job listing here:
  • Members of the COS should have received an email recently from John Besley with a link to a survey for the Public Engagement with Science at LTERs (PES @ LTERs) project. Thank you all for your time and participation. Please complete the survey as soon as possible — let's see if we can get higher response numbers than the Harvard Forest group!


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