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Sample Archive Subsampling Policy

We are happy to share these archived samples with responsible scientists. We take subsampling and the dissemination of the associated data very seriously. As stewards of these samples, our highest priorities are:

  1. to maintain the chemical integrity of these samples;
  2. to document the use of these samples, and any resulting changes;
  3. inform principal investigators of interest in using them;
  4. to acknowledge the appropriate funding sources for their original collection.

We ask that you adhere to the following guidelines as matter of common courtesy and ethical responsibility:

  1. Please fill out this form as completely and carefully as possible.
  2. Please allow time for the Information Management Subcommittee (IMSC) to route this request to the PI for approval.
  3. Please allow the original PI the option to review or participate in any publication that makes extensive use of the data provided from any reanalyses.
  4. Please cite the funding sources that supported the original collection and storage of these samples, in any publication resulting from this research.

To use samples in the collection please fill out the subsampling request form and send to:

Amey Bailey
Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
234 Mirror Lake Road
Campton, NH 03223

Email: ameybailey@fs.fed.us
Tel.: (603) 726-8902
Fax: (603) 726-4851