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Archived Samples

In 1990, an archive facility was built at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest to store samples permanently so that they will be available for future research. The 1860 sq. ft. building consists of two rooms, a larger unheated room (30 x 46 ft.) and a smaller room (16 x 30 ft.) heated to just above freezing in the winter. The larger room is uninsulated and is subject to large variations in temperature and humidity; samples that would be affected by these conditions are stored in the smaller, insulated, heated room.

The archive building now houses approximately 40,000 samples of soil, water, plant tissue, and other materials. Samples are preserved, barcoded, and cataloged with accompanying metadata in a database. We are currently in the process of making this database available on-line. Requests for reanalysis of archived samples (e.g. isotopic analyses, heavy metals, etc.) are received periodically, and have resulted in a number of publications. In 2006, the sample archive building was dedicated to Cynthia A. Veen, who served as the HBES information manager from 1988 to 1996.

Inside of archive building           Exterior of archive building

If you wish to archive samples that you have collected, please refer to the directions for submitting samples.

If you wish to use samples in the collection please view the subsampling policy and fill out the subsampling request form.

Please send forms and inquiries to:

Amey Bailey
Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
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Email: ameybailey@fs.fed.us
Tel.: (603) 726-8902
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