Watershed 5 at Hubbard Brook:
Whole-tree harvested in the winter of 1983-1984
1.  A photo essay of the event
2.  A brief history
3.  The precut forest: data and summaries
    3a.Tree age/forest history
4.  Biomass and nutrients removed in the whole-tree harvest 
      4a.   Estimating slash
5.  Quantitative soil pits  (in development)
6.  Biomass estimates  (in development)
7.  Biomass regrowth over 15 years
8.  Forest floor data for the precut forest
9.  Stream outflow of basic cations after disturbance
10. Canopy leaching
11. Root decomposition and nutrient release
12. Soil CO2 evolution
13. Herb population response to large-scale disturbance

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This web page series was created June 2000
by Thomas Siccama and Ellen Denny
edited by the Hubbard Brook Information Oversight Committee