Joel D. Blum

University of Michigan
Department of Geological Sciences
1100 N University Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1063
Telephone: n/a


Ph.D. Geochemistry, California Institute of Technology (1990)
M.S. Geological Science, University of Alaska, Fairbanks (1982)
B.S. Geological Science and Political Science, Case Western Reserve University (1981)

Professional Positions:
  • University of Michigan, John D. MacArthur Professor (for research), 1999 to present
  • University of Michigan, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor (for undergraduate education), 2010 to present
  • University of Michigan, Chair of Geological Sciences 2000 to 2005
  • University of Michigan, Professor of Ecology/Evolutionary Biology 2002 to present
  • Dartmouth College, Professor of Earth Sciences 1990 to 1999
  • Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Project Supervisor 1983 to 1985
  • Mohawk Oil and Gas Inc. of Canada, Exploration Geologist 1982 to 1983

  • Distinguished Awards and Memberships:
    C.C. Patterson Award of the Geochemical Society (2013) Fellow of the American Geophysical Union (2012) Fellow of the Geochemical Society (2010) Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2010); Fellow of the Geological Society of America (2005); NSF Presidential Faculty Fellowship for scientific research and teaching (1993-1998); Sloan Research Fellow (national award for research in Physics/Chemistry)–Sloan Foundation (1992-1994); Young Alumni Award – Case Western Reserve University (1995); Alumni Achievement Award – University of Alaska (1995); Edwards Prize for best paper in Wilson Bulletin (2001); Nininger Award (international award for research) – Meteoritical Society (1987)

    Selected Publications:

    Vadeboncoeur, M.A., Hamburg, S.P, Blum, J.D., Pennino, M.J., Yanai, R.D., Johnson, C.E. (2012) The Quantitative Soil Pit Method for Measuring Belowground Carbon and Nitrogen Stocks. SSSAJ. 76: 2241-2255.

    Cho, Y., Driscoll, C.T., Johnson, C.E., Blum, J.D. and Fahey, T.J. (2012) Watershed-Level Responses to Calcium Silicate Treatment in a Northern Hardwood Forest Ecosystems 15: 416-434.

    Lucash, M.S., Yanai, R.D., Blum, J.D., and Park, B.B. (2012) Foliar nutrient concentrations related to soil sources across a range of sites in the northeastern USA. SSSAJ, 76, 674-683. Blum, J.D., Hamburg, S.P., Yanai, R.D. and Arthur, M.A. (2012) Determination of foliar Ca/Sr discrimination factors for six tree species and implications for Ca sources in northern hardwood forests, Plant and Soil. 356, 303-314.

    Fahey, T.J. and Blum, J.D. (2011) Litter layers (Oie) as a calcium source of sugar maple seedlings in a northern hardwood forest, Canad. J. Forest. Res. 48, 898-901.

    Nezat, C.A., Blum, J.D. and Driscoll, C.T. (2010) Patterns of Ca/Sr and 87Sr/86Sr variation before and after a whole watershed CaSiO3 addition at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, USA. Geochim Cosmochim Acta. 74, 3129-3142.

    Schaller, M., Blum, J.D., Hamburg, S.P. and Vadeboncoeur, M.A. (2010) Spatial variability of long-term chemical weathering rates in the White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA. Geoderma.154, 294-301.

    Cho, Y., Driscoll, C.T. and Blum, J.D. (2009) The Effects of Whole-Watershed Calcium Addition on the Chemistry of Stream Storm Events at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in NH, USA. Science of the Total Environment. 407, 5392-5401.

    Blum, J.D., *Dasch, A.A., Hamburg, S.P., Yanai, R.D. and Arthur, M.A. (2008) Use of foliar Ca/Sr discrimination and 87Sr/86Sr ratios to determine soil Ca sources to sugar maple foliage in a northern hardwood forest, Biogeochemistry, 87, 287-296.

    Nezat, C.A., Blum, J.D., Yanai, R.D. and Park, B.B. (2008) Mineral sources of calcium and phosphorus in soils of the northeastern USA, Soil Sci Soc Amer J. 72, 1786-1794.

    Skeldon, M.A., Vadeboncoeur, M.A., Hamburg, S.P. and Blum, J.D. (2007) Terrestrial Gastropod Distribution in the Northern Hardwood Forest: The Role of Calcium and Forest Composition. Canadian Journal of Zoology. 85, 994-1007.

    Dasch, A., Blum, J.D., Eagar, C., Fahey, T.J., Driscoll, C.T. and Siccama, T.G. (2006) The relative uptake of Ca and Sr into tree foliage using a whole-watershed calcium addition. Biogeochemistry. 80, 21-41.

    Nezat, C.A., Blum, J.D., Klaue, A., Johnson, C.E., and Siccama, T.G. (2004) Influence of landscape position and vegetation on long-term weathering rates at Hubbard Brook, New Hampshire, USA. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 68, 3065-3078.

    Peters, S.C., Blum, J.D., Driscoll, C.T. and Likens G.E. (2004) Dissolution of wollastonite during the experimental manipulation of a forested catchment. Biogeochemistry 67, 309-329.

    Co-Authors and Collaborators:
    Erel, Y.; Driscoll, C., Yanai, R., Hamburg, S., Likens, G., Siccama, T., Johnson, C., Eagar, C., Fahey, T.

    Graduate Students:
    Brown, K.; Burkins, D.; Gazis, C.; Harlavan, Y.; Hogan, J.; Jacobson, A.; Klaue, A.; Klaue, B.; Lathrop, A.; Lee, A.; Miller, E.; Peters, S.; Ash, A.; Nezat, C.; Biswas, A., Keller, K.

    Graduate Advisor:
    Wasserburg, G. (Caltech); Swanson, S. (Univ. of Alaska); Gruen, D. (Argonne

    Title at Hubbard Brook:
    Principal Investigator