Pamela H. Templer

Boston University
Department of Biology
5 Cummington Street
Boston, MA 02215
Telephone: 617-353-6978
FAX: 617-353-6340


PhD, Cornell University, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2001
BA, University of California Santa Cruz, Biology and Environmental Studies, 1995

Professional Positions:
  • Director, PhD Program in Biogeoscience (2014-Present), Boston University, Boston, MA
  • Associate Professor (2012-Present), Department of Biology, Boston University, Boston, MA
  • Assistant Professor (2005-2012), Department of Biology, Boston University, Boston, MA
  • Co-Director (2006-Present), Boston University Stable Isotope Facility, Boston, MA
  • Postdoctoral Fellow (2001-2005), Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management and Department of Integrative Biology, University of California Berkeley
  • Research Assistant (1996), Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, NY

  • Research Interests and Activities:
    Research in my lab is focused on the effects of environmental change, including climate change, atmospheric deposition, and urbanization on biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nitrogen in natural and managed ecosystems. We explore how plant-microbial interactions influence carbon exchange, nitrogen retention, forest productivity, and water and air quality. We are also interested in cross site comparisons that examine the role of plant species composition and ecosystem type in determining ecosystem retention of nutrients and carbon. Current projects at Hubbard Brook include examining the effects of climate change on nutrient uptake and carbon sequestration in northern hardwood forests.

    Distinguished Awards and Memberships:
    Boston University Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching (2015)
    NSF CAREER Grant (2012)
    Andrew Mellon Early Faculty Award (2006)
    Internship in Office of Senator Patrick D. Moynihan in Washington D.C. (2000)
    Teresa Heinz Environmental Scholars Award (1999)
    President of Graduate Student Association (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University, 1998)
    National Science Foundation Graduate Training Grant Fellowship (1996-2001)
    Polgar Fellowship, Hudson River Foundation (1995)
    Honors undergraduate senior thesis (1995)
    Ecological Society of America (Member)
    American Geophysical Union (Member)

    Selected Publications:

    Reinmann A and PH Templer. Reduced winter snowpack and greater soil frost reduce live root biomass and stimulate radial growth and stem respiration of red Maple (Acer rubrum) trees in a mixed-hardwood forest. Ecosystems, in press.

    Duran J, JL Morse, PM Groffman, JL Campbell, LM Christenson, CT Driscoll, TJ Fahey, MC Fisk, GE Likens, JM Melillo, MJ Mitchell, PH Templer, and MA Vadeboncoeur. Climate change decreases nitrogen pools and mineralization rates in northern hardwood forests. Ecosphere, in press.

    Commane R, LK Meredith, IT Baker, JA Berry, JW Munger, SA Montzka, PH Templer, SM Juice, MS Zahniser, SC Wofsy. Seasonal fluxes of carbonyl sulfide in a mid-latitude forest. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, in press.

    Juice SM, PH Templer, NG Phillips, AM Ellison, and SL Pelini. Ecosystem warming increases sap flow rates of northern red oak trees. Ecosphere, in press.

    Gill AL, AS Gallinat, R Sanders-DeMott, AJ Rigden, DJ Short Gianotti, JA Mantoot, and PH Templer. 2015. Change in autumn senescence in northern hemisphere deciduous trees: a meta-analysis of autumn phenology studies. Annals of Botany 116: 875-888.

    Templer PH, KC Weathers, HA Ewing, TE Dawson, S Mambelli, AM Lindsey, J Webb, VK Boukili, and MK Firestone. 2015. Fog as a source of nitrogen for redwood trees: evidence from fluxes and stable isotopes. Journal of Ecology: 103: 1397-1407.

    Fahey TJ, PH Templer, BT Anderson, JJ Battles, JL Campbell, CT Driscoll, AR Fusco, MB Green, KK Kassam, NL Rodenhouse, L Rustad, PG Schaberg, MA Vadeboncoeur. 2015. The promise and peril of intensive-site based ecological research: insights from the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study. Ecology 96: 885-901.

    Templer PH, KC Weathers, A Lindsey, K Lenoir, and L Scott. 2015. Atmospheric inputs and nitrogen saturation status in and adjacent to Class I wilderness areas of the northeastern United States. Oecologia 177:5-15.

    Campbell J, AM Socci and PH Templer. 2014. Increased nitrogen leaching following soil freezing is due to decreased root uptake in a northern hardwood forest. Global Change Biology 20:2663-2673.

    Rao P, LR Hutyra, SM Raciti, and PH Templer. 2014. Atmospheric nitrogen inputs and losses along an urbanization gradient from Boston to Harvard Forest, MA. Biogeochemistry121:229-245.

    Templer PH. 2013. Limits on carbon uptake by plants (Invited). Nature Climate Change 3:184-185.

    Comerford DP, PG Schaberg, PH Templer, AM Socci, JL Campbell, and KF Wallin. 2013. Influence of experimental snow removal on root and canopy physiology of sugar maple trees in a northern hardwood forest. Oecologia 171:261-269.

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    Templer PH, RW Pinder, and CL Goodale. 2012. Effects of nitrogen deposition on greenhouse gas fluxes for forests and grasslands of North America (Invited). Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 10: 547-553.

    Templer PH, MC Mack, FS Chapin III, LM Christenson, JE Compton, HD Crook, WS Currie, C Curtis, B Dail, CM D’Antonio, BA Emmett, H Epstein, CL Goodale, P Gundersen, SE Hobbie, K Holland, DU Hooper, BA Hungate, S Lamontagne, KJ Nadelhoffer, CW Osenberg, SS Perakis, P Schleppi, J Schimel, IK Schmidt, M Sommerkorn, J Spoelstra, A Tietema, WW Wessel, and DR Zak. 2012. Sinks for nitrogen inputs in terrestrial ecosystems: a meta-analysis of enriched 15N field tracer studies. Ecology 93: 1816-1829.

    Templer PH, AF Schiller, NW Fuller, AM Socci, JL Campbell, JE Drake, and TH Kunz. 2012. Impact of a reduced winter snowpack on litter arthropod abundance and diversity in a northern hardwood forest ecosystem. Biology and Fertility of Soils 48:413-424.

    Brooks PD, P Grogan, PH Templer, P Groffman, M Oquist, and J Schimel. 2011. Carbon and nitrogen cycling in snow-covered environments. Geography Compass 5: 682-699.

    Huygens D, P Boeckx, P Templer, L Paulino, O Van Cleemput, C Oyarzun, C Müller and R Godoy. 2008. Mechanisms for retention of bioavailable nitrogen in volcanic rainforest soils. Nature Geoscience 1:543-548.

    Templer PH , WL Silver, J Pett-Ridge, K DeAngelis and MK Firestone. 2008. Plant and microbial controls on nitrogen retention and loss in a humid tropical forest. Ecology 89: 3030-3040.

    Dawson TE, S Mambelli, AH Plamboeck, PH Templer and KP Tu. 2002. Stable isotopes in plant ecology. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 33:507-559.

    Graduate Students:
    Annie Socci, Andrew Reinmann, Patrick Sorensen, Rebecca Sanders-Demott, Stephen Decina

    Graduate Advisor:
    Drs. Todd Dawson and Stuart Findlay

    Role at the Hubbard Brook:
    Committee of Scientists
    Scientific Coordinating Committee
    Hubbard Brook Research Foundation - Board of Trustees

    Title at Hubbard Brook:
    Principal Investigator