Donald O. Rosenberry

U.S. Geological Survey
Water Resources Division
MS 413, Bldg. 53, DFC
Lakewood, CO 80225
Telephone: (303) 236-4990

Ph.D., University of Colorado, Geography/Fluvial geomorphology, 2007
M.S., University of Minnesota, Geology / Hydrogeology, Minor: Civil Engineering, 1985
B.S., Bemidji State University, Geology and Geography, 1981

Professional Positions:
  • Lead Scientist, National Research Program, U.S.G.S., WRD (1985-present)
  • Coordinator of Shingobee Headwaters Aquatic Ecosystem Project (SHAEP), (1991- present)
  • Hydrocarbon well analyst, Continental Laboratories (1981-1982).

  • Research Interests and Activities:
    Hydrology and hydrogeology of lakes, rivers and wetlands, with special focus on measurement of evaporation, temporal and spatial variability of groundwater fluxes and new techniques for determining groundwater fluxes.

    Distinguished Awards and Memberships:
    Geological Society of America (Fellow) American Geophysical Union Society of Wetland Scientists Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers

    Selected Publications:

    Lewandowski, J., Meinikmann, K., Nützmann, G., and Rosenberry, D.O., 2015, Groundwater – the disregarded component in lake water and nutrient budgets. Part 2: effects of groundwater on nutrients: Hydrological Processes, v. 29, no. 13, p. 2922-2955.

    Rosenberry, D.O., Lewandowski, J., Meinikmann, K., and Nützmann, G., 2015, Groundwater - the disregarded component in lake water and nutrient budgets. Part 1: effects of groundwater on hydrology: Hydrological Processes, v. 29, no. 13, p. 2895-2921.

    Toran, L., Nyquist, J., Rosenberry, D., Gagliano, M., Mitchell, N., and Mikochik, J., 2015, Geophysical and hydrologic studies of lake seepage variability: Groundwater, vol. 53, no. 6, p. 841-850.

    Rosenberry, D. O., Sheibley, R.W., Cox, S. E., Simonds, F. W. and Naftz, D. L., 2013, Temporal variability of exchange between groundwater and surface water based on high-frequency direct measurements of seepage at the sediment-water interface, Water Resources Research., vol. 49, no. 5, p. 2975-2986, DOI: 10.1002/wrcr.20198.

    99 Toran, L., Johnson, M., Nyquist, J., and Rosenberry, D., 2010, Delineating a road-salt plume in lakebed sediments using electrical resistivity, piezometers, and seepage meters at Mirror Lake, New Hampshire, U.S.A: Geophysics, vol. 75, no. 4, p. WA75-WA83.

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    Rosenberry, D.O. and LaBaugh, J.W., eds., 2008, Field techniques for estimating water fluxes between surface water and ground water: U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods 4-D2, 128 p.

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    Title at Hubbard Brook:
    Principal Investigator