Christine L Goodale

Cornell University
E215 Corson Hall
Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Ithaca, NY 14853
Telephone: 607 254 4211

Ph.D., University of New Hampshire, Natural Resources Program, 1999
M.S., University of New Hampshire, Natural Resources - Forestry, 1995
A.B., Dartmouth College, Biology/Geography, 1992

Professional Positions:
  • Assistant, then Associate Professor (2003 to present),Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853
  • Postdoctoral Fellow (2001-2003), Woods Hole Research Center, Woods Hole, MA
  • Postdoctoral Fellow (1999-2001), Carnegie Institution of Washington, Stanford, CA

  • Research Interests and Activities:
    Nitrogen cycling and retention; coupled forest C and N cycling; catchment biogeochemistry

    Distinguished Awards and Memberships:
    NSF CAREER Award; Alexander Hollaender Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship, U.S. Department of Energy; NASA Earth System Science Fellowship; Member of the Ecological Society of America and American Geophysical Union (Biogeosciences Section).

    Selected Publications:

    Goodale, CL, G Fredriksen, MS Weiss, CE McCalley, JP Sparks, and SA Thomas. 2015. Soil processes drive seasonal variation in retention of 15N tracers in a deciduous forest catchment. Ecology 96(10):2653-2668.

    Kulkarni, MV, PM Groffman, JB Yavitt, CL Goodale. 2015. Complex controls of denitrification at ecosystem, landscape and regional scales in northern hardwood forests. Ecological Modelling 298:39-52.

    Wexler, CL Goodale, K McGuire, SW Bailey, PM Groffman. 2014. Isotopic signals of summer denitrification in a northern hardwood forested catchment. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 411(46):16413-16418.

    Morse, JL, SF Werner, C Gillin, CL Goodale, SW Bailey, KJ McGuire, and PM Groffman. 2014. Searching for biogeochemical hotspots in three dimensions: soil C and N cycling in hydropedologic settings in a northern hardwood forest. JGR-Biogeoscience 119:1596-1607

    Tonitto, C, CL Goodale, MS Weiss, SD Frey, SV Ollinger. 2014. The effect of nitrogen addition on soil organic matter dynamics: a model analysis of the Harvard Forest Chronic Nitrogen Amendment Study and soil carbon response to anthropogenic N deposition. Biogeochemistry 117:431-454.

    Thomas, RQ, S Zaehle, P Templer, and CL Goodale. 2013. Global patterns of nitrogen limitation: confronting two global biogeochemical models with observations. Global Change Biology 19(10): 2986-2998.

    Melvin, AM and CL Goodale. 2013. Tree species effects on the distribution of carbon, nitrogen, and calcium in forest soils. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 43: 180–187.

    Melvin, AM, JW Lichstein, and CL Goodale. 2013. Forest liming increases forest floor carbon and nitrogen stocks in a mixed hardwood forest. Ecological Applications 23(8):1962-1975.

    Greaver TL, T Sullivan, JD Herrick, M Barber, J Baron, B Cosby, M Deerhake, R Dennis, JJD Dubois, CL Goodale, A Herlihy, G Lawrence, L Liu, J Lynch, KNovak. 2012. A synthesis of the ecological effects of air pollution from nitrogen and sulfur in the U.S. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 10:365-372.

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    Lovett, GM, and CL Goodale. 2011. A new conceptual model of nitrogen saturation based on experimental nitrogen addition to an oak forest. Ecosystems 14:615-631.

    Pardo, LH, ME Fenn, CL Goodale, LH Geiser, CT Driscoll, EB Allen, JS Baron, R Bobbink, WD Bowman, CM Clark, BA Emmett, FS Gilliam, TL Greaver, SJ Hall, EA Lilleskov, L Liu, JA Lynch, KJ Nadelhoffer, SS Perakis, MJ Robin-Abbott, JL Stoddard, KC Weathers, and RL Dennis. 2011. Effects of nitrogen deposition and empirical nitrogen critical loads for ecoregions of the United States. Ecological Applications 21(8):3049-3082.

    Thomas, RQ, CD Canham, KC Weathers, CL Goodale. 2010. Increased tree carbon storage in response to nitrogen deposition in the US. Nature Geoscience 3:13-17.

    Goodale, CL, JD Aber, PM Vitousek, and WH McDowell. 2005. Long-term decreases in stream nitrate: successional causes unlikely; possible links to DOC? Ecosystems 8:334-337.

    Aber, JD, CL Goodale, SV Ollinger, M-L Smith, AH Magill, ME Martin, RA Hallett, and JL Stoddard. 2003. Is nitrogen deposition altering the nitrogen status of Northeastern Forests? BioScience 23(4):375-390.

    Goodale, CL. 2003. Fire in the White Mountains: An Historical Perspective. Appalachia 54(3):60-75.

    Goodale, CL and JD Aber. 2001. The long-term effects of land-use history on nitrogen cycling in northern hardwood forests. Ecological Applications 11(1):253-267.

    Postdoctoral Associates:
    Christina Tonitto; Sarah Wexler; Annie Socci

    Graduate Students:
    Marissa Weiss; April Melvin; R. Quinn Thomas; Bhavya Sridhar; Bridget Darby; Charlotte Levy

    Graduate Advisor:
    John D. Aber

    Role at the Hubbard Brook:
    Committee of Scientists

    Title at Hubbard Brook:
    Principal Investigator