Natalie L Cleavitt

Cornell University
Telephone: n/a


Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Ph.D., Jan 2002
Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University, B.Sc. with distinction, May 1993

Professional Positions:
  • Vegetation crew coordinator, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest (HBEF) - LTER, Jan 2011 - present
  • Research Associate, Cornell University, Department of Natural Resources, Aug 2005 - present
  • Post-doctoral Associate, Cornell University, Department of Natural Resources, Sept 2002 - Aug 2005
  • Lecturer, University of Alberta, Department of Biological Sciences, Jan - May 2002
  • Teaching Assistant, University of Alberta, Department of Biological Sciences, Sept 1996 - Dec 2001

  • Research Interests and Activities:
    Northern Hardwood Forest tree seedling ecology Bryology Macro-lichens Round-leaved orchid demography Ongoing, long-term vegetation related measures

    Distinguished Awards and Memberships:
    National Parks Ecological Research Fellowship, 2005 – 2007 Biological Research Initiative Grant, New York Natural Heritage 2005 Lakshmi Memorial Scholarship, Botany Teaching Award, 2001 Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate Student Teaching Award, 2000 Commendation for candidacy exam 1998 Challenge Grant in Biodiversity, 1997 - 1999 Graduate Studies and Research Scholarship, 1996 - 2001 Past memberships: American Bryological and Lichenological Society (1993) International Association of Bryologists (1999) Botanical Society of America (2001) Canadian Botanical Association (2001) Finger Lakes Native Plant Society (2003) New York Flora Association (2004) Ecological Society of America (2005)

    Selected Publications:

    Cleavitt, NL. 2015. Seeking the Wolf Tree. Illustrated by Marjorie Leggitt. Taylor Trade Publishing. 32 pp.

    Cleavitt NL; J.W. Hinds, R.L. Poirot, L.H. Geiser, A.C. Dibble, B. Leon, R. Perron & L.H. Pardo. 2015. Epiphytic macrolichen communities correspond to patt erns of sulfur and nitrogen deposition in the northeastern United States. The Bryologist 118 (3): 304-324.

    Cleavitt NL; J.J. Battles, T.J. Fahey & J. Blum. 2014. Determinants of survival over seven years for a natural cohort of sugar maple seedlings in a norther n hardwood forest. Can. J. For. Res.44 (9): 1112-1121.

    Cleavitt NL; T.J. Fahey & J.J. Battles. 2011. Regeneration ecology of sugar maple (Acer saccharum): seedling survival in relation to nutrition, site factor s, and damage by insects and pathogens. Can. J. For. Res. 41(2): 235-244.   

    Cleavitt, N.L.; H.A. Ewing, K.C. Weathers & A.M. Lindsey. 2011. Acidic atmospheric deposition interacts with tree type and impacts the cryptogamic epiphytes in Acadia National Park, Maine, USA. The Bryologist 114 (3): 570-582.

    Cleavitt, N.L.; A.C. Dibble & D.A. Werier. 2009. Importance of forest matrix to epiphytic macrolichens and bryophytes of Acadia National Park, Maine. The Bryologist.112 (3): 467-487.

    Cleavitt, N.L.; M. Fairbairn, & T.J. Fahey. 2008. Growth and survivorship of American beech (Fagus grandifolia Ehrh.) seedlings in a northern hard wood forest following a mast event. J Torrey Bot. Soc. 135(3): 328-345.

    Cleavitt, N.L.; Fahey, T.J., Groffman, P.M., Hardy, J.P., Henry, K.S., & C.T. Driscoll. 2008. Soil freezing effects on fine roots of mature trees in a nort hern hardwood forest. Can. J Forest Research 38 (1): 82-91.

    Cleavitt, N.L.; S.A. Williams & N.G. Slack. 2008. Relationship of bryophyte occurrence to rock type in New York and coastal Maine. Northeastern Naturalist 16 (1): 67-84.

    Cleavitt, N.L.; Eschtruth, A.K, Battles, J.J. & T.J. Fahey. 2008. Bryophyte response to eastern hemlock decline caused by hemlock woolly adelgid infestation. J. Torrey Bot. Soc. 135 (1):12-25.

    Cleavitt, N.L.; Klima, K.L. & T.J. Fahey. 2007. The role of water availability in seasonal growth of Bazzania trilobata on boulders in an eastern hemlock stand. The Bryologist 110 (2): 295-308.

    Cleavitt, N.L. 2005. Patterns, hypotheses and processes in the biology of rare bryophytes. The Bryologist 108:554-566.

    Cleavitt, N.L. 2004. Controls on the distribution of Mnium arizonicum along an elevation gradient in the Front Ranges of the Rocky Mountains, Alberta. Jou rnal of the Torrey Botanical Society 131:150-160.

    Cleavitt, N.L. 2004. Comparative ecology of a lowland and a subalpine species of Mnium in the northern Rocky Mountains. Plant Ecology 174:205-216.

    Cleavitt, N.L. 2004. Checklist of bryophyte taxa in New Hampshire. Evansia 21:49-75.

    Cleavitt, N.L. 2002. Stress tolerance of rare and common moss species in relation to their occupied environments and asexual dispersal potential. Journal of Ecology 90:785-795.

    Cleavitt, N.L. 2002. A test of physical limitation to specific substrata during establishment for Didymodon johansenii, a rare moss. Journal of Bryology 2 4:197-206.

    Cleavitt, N.L.; R. Andrus, D. Sperduto, W. Nichols & R. Town. 2001. Checklist of Sphagnum in New Hampshire. Rhodora 103:245-262.

    Cleavitt, N.L. 2001. Disentangling moss species limitations: the role of substrate specificity for six species occurring on substrates with varying pH and percent organic matter. The Bryologist 104: 59-68.

    Cleavitt, N.L. 1996. Bryophyte survey of six Research Natural Areas within the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire. General Technical Report NE-2 25. USDA, Forest Service, Radnor, PA.

    Co-Authors and Collaborators:
    Timothy Fahey, John Battles, Peter Groffman, Eric Berry, Lisa Wallace, Joel Blum

    Role at the Hubbard Brook:
    Vegetation crew coordinator Author of LTER children's series book: Seeking the Wolf Tree

    Title at Hubbard Brook: