John L. Campbell

US Forest Service
Northern Research Station
271 Mast Road
Durham, NH
Telephone: (603) 868-7643
FAX: (603) 868-7604


Ph.D., State University of New York - College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY (2006)
M.S., University of New Hampshire, Department of Natural Resources, Durham, NH (1995)
B.S., University of New Hampshire, Department of Natural Resources, Durham, NH (1989)

Professional Positions:
  • Ecologist (1996-present), USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Research Station, Durham, NH
  • Research Assistant (1993-1996), University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
  • Forestry Technician (1992-1993), USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Research Station, Durham, NH
  • Park Ranger (1991), National Park Service, Denali National Park, AK
  • Biologist (1989-1990), Enviro-Sciences, Inc., Mt. Arlington, NJ

  • Selected Publications:

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    Fuss, C.B., Driscoll, C.T., Campbell, J.L. Recovery from chronic and snowmelt acidification: long-term trends in stream and soil water chemistry at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire, USA. Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences. In press.

    Pourmokhtarian, A., Driscoll, C.T., Campbell, J.L., Hayhoe, K., Stoner, A. Climate downscaling technique affects modeled ecological responses. Ecological Applications. In press.

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    Benettin, P., Bailey, S.W., Campbell, J.L., Green, M.B., Rinaldo, A., McGuire, K.J., Botter, G. Modeling travel time distributions to estimate stream solute dynamics at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, NH, USA. Water Resources Research. In press.

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    Graduate Advisor:
    Myron J. Mitchell

    Role at the Hubbard Brook:
    I serve on the Committee of Scientists, Scientific Coordinating Committee, and Information Oversight Committee.

    Title at Hubbard Brook:
    Principal Investigator