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Mirror Lake is a small body of fresh water located in North Woodstock, New Hampshire and is bordered on one side by the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest. It is rather unique in that there are only a handful of houses and one public beach along its shores. The unspoiled setting is a great place to explore some of the fundamentals of ecology. Measurements confirm that the lake is oligotrophic, or water that is nutrient poor. A link to some of the scientific data gathered at Hubbard Brook is here. As nutrient poor as the water is, the lake still houses quite an interesting variety of living organisms, representatives of each of the five kingdoms.

How I will use this site

Everything needed to introduce students to ecology is right here on these pages. Members of each of the five kingdoms, a discussion of just what ecology means, as well as simple answers to the questions, "How did Mirror Lake form?" and "How did everything get into Mirror Lake?"


During July and August, I participated in the Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program in association with the Institute of Ecosystem Studies and The National Science Foundation. My goal was to photograph some of the life in Mirror Lake and make the pictures accessible in the form of a web site on Mirror Lake ecology for my 6th grade students. The result is what follows and consists of videos, Flash movies, and panoramas in Quicktime form. There is also student work as they helped identify some of the life using the pictures I provided.

All of the photographs, videos, etc. unless noted, were taken at Mirror Lake.

Four stop tour of Mirror Lake!

Begin here and take the tour of Mirror Lake. Clicking on the map above will take you to some of my favorite places around Mirror Lake. Then, explore each of the other four major areas and several subsections in the order that they appear in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Click on this map and it will take you to panoramas of the following four places: Swimming Rock; The Town Beach; The Hamlet lilies and another Mirror Lake beach belonging to Hubbard Brook.


(QuickTime for the panoramas )

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